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Nitrogen Generator

The nitrogen generator can be used in a wine variety of industrial application as well as in the food and beverage industry.
Nitrogen is commonly used in the food-packing industry and in the bottling facilities expcecially of edible oil and wine.

The generator have to be combined with a gas stocking tank, which can be quoted with the unit in different sizes for any exigence.



Outline of operation of the generator



  • Increased performance: thanks to the up-to-date pneumatic control, a highest purity level is achieved with less compressed air consumption.
  • Pressure gauge integrated .
  • User-friendly operation : the memory resident operating programs allow a quick and easy start-up and use.
  • Safety level : the unit can work by itself 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, without any control or operating inputs.
  • Automatic stop: whenever the quantity of the consumed nitrogen is less than the produced amount, the unit automatically turns in stand-by.
  • Gas analisys integrated : display showing the purity level of the supplied nitrogen.
  • High purity level : the level of purity of the gas can be choosen to fit the fittent applications, in a range between 97% and 99,999%.

Technical Specifications :

  • Standard Voltage : 115 V± 60Hz; 230 V ± 50 Hz
  • Installed Power : 100 VA
  • Protection rating: IP 20
  • Environmental temperature : 5÷40°C,
  • Noise level : ≤ 60 dB
  • Dimensions : WxDxH 40, 80, 118,
  • Weight Kg: 113
  • Working pressure: 0,5÷11 bar
  • Max. compressed air pressure : 12,5 bar
  • Humidity level : -50° Dew Point ATP<


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