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Semiautomatic Bottling Line for Wine - RTR700R-CE

Semiautomatic bottling line for wine, including :

- Gravity filler with 6 valves
- Corking head for natural wine corks
- Automatic capsuling head for PVC or polylaminate capsules
- Automatic labelling machine for self-adhesive labels

Unibloc machine made in stainless steel, mounted on wheels.


Gravity filler , Corking head Dowels
Capsuling head for PVC, Labeller machine Labeller machine
Monoblocc ver. RTR700R Corking



Bottling Line for wine

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Gravity Filler with 6 Valves
  • Rotary filler with 6 filling valves for gravity filling of still wine
  • Simple adjustment of the filling levels inside the bottle by means of quick-insertion spacers
  • Mechanic bottle seats lifting by cam
  • Product infeed with electric valve in stainless steel controlled by measuring probes.
  • Electrical control panel predisposed for controlling the pump for the product.


Corking Turret
  • Corking turret equipped with pneumatic bottle seat lifting with height adjustment to fit different bottles
  • Start of the corking cycle by pedal
  • Automatic corks distribution with hopper
  • Rectified tempered steel jaws and bronze trolley, manufactured by high precision lathes to guarantee a perfect interchangeability.
  • Corks sizes : diam. 22 - 28 mm - H. 35 - 45 mm.

Automatic Capsuling Turret
  • Automatic capsuling turret equipped with pneumatic lifting with height adjustment to fit different bottles
  • Shrinking or spinning head for closing of PVC or polylaminate capsules for still wine bottles
Automatic Linear Labeller
  • Automatic linear labeller for application of FRONT and BACK self-adhesive labels from the same reel.
  • Infeed separating cylinder – no need of change parts for different bottles sizes
  • Labelling unit motioned by stepping motor
  • Labelling unit adjustable in height, for the easiest adjustment to the different types of labels and bottles
  • Start signal for label release by precision sensor
  • Conveyor chain drive motor, chain and fixed accumulating table

It is possible to adjust the unit for labelling square and rectangular containers

Technical Specifications:

  • Output : approx 700 bottles/hour (depending on the product specifications):
  • Weight : Kg. 500
  • Heigth: 1800 mm.
  • Width : 2200 mm.
  • Depth: : 800 mm.
  • Power Supply : 380V - 3/50 ( Labeller 220V - 1/50 )


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