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Steam Sterilisation Vertical Autoclave

The machine is designed for glass jars and tins' sterilization for which a steam sterilization cycle at a temperature up to 130°C is needed.

The machine is made of a vertical chamber; cylindrical with simple walls in stainless steel AISI 304 with scotch brite finish.



Steam Sterilisation Left side Steam Sterilisation
Steam Sterilisation Tower crane Safety Sensor
Fumi exhaust Closing head


The closing head, on the upper side, has a AISI 304 stainless steel rim and, with the 6 side fins, allows a hermetical seal with the rim of the machine.
The rubber joint for high temperatures between the lid and the machine insures a perfect holding on the machine.

The sterilisation occurs by the steam produced by the water in the machine that is heated by the embedded gas burner. Time and temperature can be settled every time the sterilization cycle has to be changed.

The machine is isolated on the side parts of its whole height, with 40 mm thick mineral wool and a sheet metal cover in stainless steel with a scotch brite finish.

The machine is equipped of :

  • Visual control gauge
  • Control electronic and visual thermometer
  • Safety valve with automatic unload for pressure higher than 2,1 bar
  • Safety that prevents the heating system to connect if the temperature is higher than 134°C
  • Safety thermostat that prevents the heating system to start for want of water in the chamber
  • Valve to unload the pressure in the upper part
  • Valve to unload the pressure in the lower part
  • Gas burner with electronic control of the flame
  • Combustion chamber in stainless steel aisi 310 with smoke unloading
  • Instrumentation to settle time and temperature
  • Safety valve settled
  • The machine is equipped of electric pannel to manage controls and commands.

The machine is equipped of 2 baskets in slotted sheet metal to place jars to sterilize.

Dimension basket :

  • Diameter : 430 mm
  • Height : 250/400(per 200lt) mm
  • Each basket of Ø 430x250 can hold 56 jars of 314ml with Ø 68,2x112mm
  • Each basket of Ø 430x400 can hold 84 jars of 314ml with Ø 68,2x112mm

Technical characteristics :

  • Exercised pressure : 2 bar
  • Projected pressure : 2,1 bar
  • Max . projected temperature : 134°C
  • Hydraulic tested pressure : 3,15 bar
  • Gas power: 100 lt. 10 kW - 200 lt. 15 kW

Measures :
  • Total height : 1.100 mm
  • Diameter : 500 mm
  • Total internal volume : 120/220 lt
  • Water volume to heat : 10/12 lt about


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