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Monobloc Topping and Capping Jars - CT60

The monobloc is used for the topping with preserving liquid (vinegar, brine, oil, syrups etc.) of jars previously filled with pieces (stuffed peppers, various vegetables, mushrooms etc..) and for the capping of them with aluminum caps.

The monobloc is completely built in stainless steel AISI 316, with food plastic.
Machine mounted on wheels for easy motion, it requires electrical and pneumatic power.



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Semiautomatic monobloc topping up and capping jars

The working cycle of the machine is divided in two essential steps: filling with preserving liquid (topping) and closure with aluminium Twist Off caps.

The first stage is performed by means of a plant that, thanks to the formation of an atmosphere at zero pressure (vacuum), guarantees the perfect filling of the interstices between the pieces of product in the container.

This operation is performed by means of a filling head that descends over the container.
The second stage is performed by means of an installation that, thanks to an adjustable pneumatic torsion, ensures a perfect closure of the jar with aluminum caps type Twist Off

Semiautomatic monobloc topping up and capping jars with vacuum system.

The operator places by hand the jar under the topping head, with the start – up the topping head is lowering down and pre-evacuate the air contained in the jar, creating a slight depression.

At this time the machine closes the pipe of the vacuum pump and opens that of preserving liquid that will fills the jar up to balance the vacuum, purging any excess fluid that collects in a reservoir connected to the liquid supply.

At the end of the working cycle, the head will return to the initial position until the start of the next cycle.

The adjustment of the position of the head to adapt the machine to jars with different diameters is extremely easy and fast.

  • Entirely built in stainless steel AISI 316 and plastic food
  • Feeding tank with level of the dosing product
  • Storage tank of replenishments level, with level and automatic discharge in the supply reservoir
  • Vacuum pump with water loop with setting and vacuum gauge for displaying.

Semiautomatic pneumatic capper with universal head capper

This particular model was designed and built for the use of capping with aluminum Twist Off caps on the glass jars. Station is ideal for professional use, made in stainless steel and plastic parts suitable for use in the food industry.

The operator manually loads the container to be capped on the plate, the working cycle is operated by pressing simultaneously the two start buttons on the sides of the capping station. A pusher with pneumatic piston automatically locks into the seat the jar to avoid the rotation.
The machine will stop automatically at the end of the capping, until the next start.

The adjustment of the position of the head, to adapt the machine to jars with different diameters, it is extremely simple and rapid.
The capper is given to the customer together with the universal capping head, entirely built in stainless steel AISI 304 and plastic food, suitable for capsules with different diameters without the need to change the size.

General features of Capper

  • Rotation locking with pneumatic gear
  • Control of the closing pressure
  • Manual loading caps
  • Suitable for jars with a height between 70 and 150 mm.

As optional Capper with Vacuum System composed by :

  • Bell with controlled up / down motion
  • Backing device for holding the jar in position
  • Vacuum pump with water loop
  • Control of the vacuum with gauge

General features of Monobloc :

  • Frame realized in electro welded stainless steel
  • Electric panel
  • Machine mounted on wheels with locking breakes
  • Certified CE conformity

Technical Features :
  • Power supply : pneumatic with a pressure of 6 bar of compressed air electrical 400 V Triphase (R S T N), 50 Hz
  • Installed power: 1.5 Kw
  • Weight: 200 Kg
  • Dimensions mm.: 1900 x 650 x 2400h.
  • Diameter of the container : 65 - 115 mm
  • Hourly production : indicativamente 300/400 pieces about*

*depending on the size of the container, the type of liquid and by the operator skill


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