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The electronic dosing machine is an electronic weighing machine suitable for medium size granulated products, it is provided with feeding channel with double vibration speed and loaded hopper in stainless steel.



Nozzle for bags Dosing and packaging machine


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Electronic Dosing Machine
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When the balance reaches the programmed weight, it automatically discharges into the container that the operator has placed under the discharge cone. Once filled, the operator has to close the container.
Caution, while the operator closes the bag, the scale is already preparing the next weighing. The choice of this solution requires the operator a workload that determines the productive yield. Therefore, the initial investment is drastically reduced.

It is suitable with the vertical packaging machines as a little system for dosing and packaging The balance is already predisposed to be combined with an automatic conditioning line.

It can also be used as a single machine in order to fill bags, boxes etc.

The machine is able to operate, manual or automatic, with 8 different weighing programs(from 100 to 1000g.)

Characteristics :

  • Supporting structure in varnished steel, parts in contact with the product in stainless steel.
  • Vibrating channel with potentiometer adjustment.
  • Loading cell weigher, accuracy +/- 1% (depending on product).
  • Electronic adjustment of the vibration intensity with independent potentiometers (screening and finishing).
  • Discharge hopper opening with pneumatic piston.
  • Control of opening of the discharge hopper by flow regulator.
  • Integrated control panel at the edges of the machine with alphanumeric display.
  • Storage of up to 99 weighing recipes and parameters.
  • Discharge control: manual by using buttons, automatically according to the sequence of the cycle.
  • Weighing speed according to the product.
  • Output 230V 50/60Hz 1Ph.
  • Installed power 1000W .
  • Measures: 800x900x1500 H mm.
  • Weight: 90kg.


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