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topping-up and capping machine

The DURFO 750 filling and capping machine is designed for filling jars with dense products and capping with Twist Off capsules.





Volumetric pneumatic doser :

  • for liquid, semi-dense and dense products (honey, jam, mayonnaise, sauces, melted cheeses, creams, etc.)
  • fully AISI 316 stainless steel food-grade piston with Teflon seals, suitable for food, hot-sanitizable, adjustable from 30 to 680 cc (from 40 to 1300 cc optional) with micrometer screw
  • volumetric cylinder in stainless steel AISI316
  • pneumatically-operated 3-way double buffer valve
  • anti-drip secondary valve mounted on the positioner group.

Twist off capsules dispencer :

  • storage hopper for Twist Off capsules
  • silent Twist Off Metal Capsule Power Supply
  • mechanical magnetic guide with blow-out nozzle for hopper return of non-addressed capsules
  • adjustable descent channel for different formats,
  • release head built and adjusted on a single capsule size
  • capsule monitoring device in the duct.

Capper :

  • descending head with rotation through pneumatic engine
  • closing torsion control by means of a knob on the capper and visual reference by means of a pressure gauge
  • anti-rotation piston positioner
  • counter-piston return pot positioner on conveyor belt
  • suitable for jars with a height between 70 and 150 mm.

Electric control panel (stainless steel) :

  • to control the machine
  • main switch
  • start/stop button
  • emergency button
  • exclusion capping group selector (power supply + head)
  • continuous dosing group selector (washing)
  • regulation of dosing pause job
  • IP65 protection

General features :

  • all operations take place in line
  • fully electrowelded stainless steel base place on 4 adjustable supports
  • safety guards with front and rear access doors with safety micro
  • complies with CE Regulations
  • complete machine, suitable for independent operation, equipped with chain, return and rectangular storage table with tow.

Technical features :

  • Total lenght: 2600 mm
  • Total width: 1300 mm
  • Height: 1950 mm
  • Weight: 350 kg
  • Power required: 1 Kw.
  • Maximum hourly output: 750 pcs. (depending on the product specifications and jars size)

The DURFO 750 monobloc can be adapted to the needs of the customer according to the product to be packaged and the type of container with the following accessories:

  • Volumetric doser with gear pump (suggested for honey and creamy products without pieces)
  • Vacuum topping up head (instead of dosing head). to fill with preserving liquid of jars previously filled with pieces (artichokes, stuffed peppers, grilled aubergines, etc..).
  • Capping head with vacuum system
  • Plunging nozzle, for particulary dense products, to prevent the formation of air bubbles
  • Hopper, with or without mixer


The operator will load the jars on the loading station pushing them onto the conveyor belt, the jar will be locked in the first filling station: a photocell of presence will give signal to the dosage that will take place automatically, after adjustment of the quantity of product to be dosed by acting directly on the dosing syringe by means of a micrometric screw with graduated reference scale.

With few simple operations the dosing syringe, consisting of the volumetric chamber, a three-way valve and a pneumatic piston, can be completely disassembled for cleaning and sanitizing. The installation of the syringe vertically in relation to the machine, allows a total dripping at the end of washing and avoids a possible stagnation of residues responsible for possible proliferation of bacteria with consequent odors. The low position of the product inlet reduces the prevalence contributing to the accuracy of the dosages. The dosing is done through a valve dispenser adjustable in height, with pneumatic system for a complete closure in order to avoid dripping of product on the outside of the jar. You can easily and completely disassemble the valve for a perfect sanitization and visual inspection. Replacing the tip with holes more or less large, you can manage both dense and liquid products, even with presence of pieces with a size of maximum 10x10 mm.

An intermediate station will stop the jar before entering the capping station, allowing the automatic distribution of the twist off capsule on the jar. In the capping station an anti-rotation piston will block the jar in the appropriate seat and the head will lift down making the closure; the torsion is adjustable by the operator through a knob, a small manometer will give the visual reference of the pressure. In this way you can increase the torsion pressure for the larger jars and decrease it on the smaller ones to avoid the spreading of the capsule.

The jar will be brought back automatically on the conveyor belt and will advance to the accumulation station where the operator will load it in the basket of the pasteurizer. If a labelling machine is included in the monobloc, the jar through shaped edges placed on the two sides of the conveyor belt, will continue its advancement to the labelling machine.

This machine facilitates hot filling as the operator will not have to manually move the boiling pots from the filling station to the capping station. In addition, the linear system and the cap universal head prevent the change of jars size: the various sizes of the jar will be managed by widening or narrowing the side of the conveyor belt and adjusting the height position of the valve dispenser. Just in case you handle both the 40 g. single-dose and much higher jars (580 gr - 1 Kg) is necessary a kit for the capper including the anti-rotation piston, the contrast sponge and in some cases a reduction on the head. For the 30 g single dose (usually for honey) cups are necessary to contain the jars. By changing the release head of the twist off capsule distribution, you can manage various sizes of caps.

The loading and/or final accumulation station may be replaced by rotating tables.

Unlike rotary machines, DURFO750 does not require a central star to handle jars with different sizes


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