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Pneumatic Volumetric  Filler
Specifically designed for small volume fillings of liquid or thick products at very high accuracy. Depending on the volumetric chamber and the piston employed, it is possible to dose from 0 to 380 cc.

All machine parts in direct contact with batching products are in AISI 316 steel, with PTFE gasket. Therefore, DVPM 35 batching machines are particularly suitable for filling liquids as well as dense products, like patés, sauces, creams etc.


Valve for very thick products Valve for liquid products
Valve for medium thick products Filler nozzles
filler for wax Hopper for filler machine


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Volumetric Filler
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  • The amount pf the product to be filled is easily and quickly selected. Different machine operation setting are available to meet individual user's needs.

  • The amount of product to be filled is selected and then accurately filled into the container. Specially designed filling nozzles ensure against product spillage.

  • Valves, hopper and accessories to DVPM 35 e DVPM 10 are supplied separately from the machine body, in order to met the needs of each individual user through tailor-made assemblies.

  • The filling range depends on the filler model:
    • 0 – 38 cc
    • 2 – 100 cc
    • 5 – 250 cc
    • 5 – 380 cc
    • 20 – 680 cc
    • 50 – 1.300 cc
    • 200 – 5.000 cc

  • Different types of valves ara available depending on product density and type: valves for liquids, medium thick and very thick products;
  • All valves are fitted with tri-clamp connections, making them fully and easily removable. Therefore, they can be easily interchanged, in order to use the same machine for different products. They are also easy to clean and sanitize.

  • Filler nozzles in all stainless steel construction are available in different models and sizes depending on the type of product to be filled and internal container diameter.

  • All stainless steel hopper, superfinish inside, available capacity 5-15-30-50 liters. Can be fitted with heating device and/or shaker, and various accessories such as product temperature sensor, level sensor, etc.

  • HEATING DEVICE for the volumetric chamber, the valves and the hopper, so as to meet the requirements of processing products such as honey, marmalade, candle wax, jelly, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc. which require to be heated and maintained at temperature during the filling.

  • AGITATOR – to be mounted on hopper – for products that require to be shaken and /or as temperature homogeniser.

  • Dimensions: 350 x 580 x 400 mm.
    Weight: Kg. 18<
    Filling volume: see coverage range
    Supply: compressed air
    Materials: stainless steel AISI 316 - PTFE

* DVPM 10 Model


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