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sleeve-wrapping - FARD 50

The shrink wrapping machine is compact and innovating: the most practical and unexpensive sleeve-wrapping machine able to package a wide range of products (bottles, vases, jars, pots, cans, phials, cases etc) and to shelter boxes integrating and/or replacing the use of carton boxes at end-of-line with great management advantages. Way of working: a pneumatic pusher drives the products from the loading area towards the sealing area. Then a constant heating sealing-bar with special design cuts and seals the film. The transverse sealing-bar has a pneumatic movement and temperature is electronically controlled



sleeve-wrapping sleeve-wrapping


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  • Sealing time electronically adjustable.

  • Movement of the tunnel belt conveyor synchronized with that of the sealing bar in order to sleeve-wrap also unstable products without a tray.

  • Tunnel steel zinc-coated mesh belt conveyor.

  • Air heating by finned resistances controlled by an electronic thermo-regulator.

  • Closed and forced air circulation with air flow adjustable by flaps in order to have the best shrinking.

  • Internal tunnel parts made by steel zinc-coated.

  • External powder painting.

  • Discharging belt conveyor included.

  • The machines works with single-wounded (flat) LLDPE.

  • Power supply: 230/380 V - 3 Ph
  • Power required: 6,5 KW
  • Overall machine dimensions: L x W x H 1900 x 850 x 1680 mm
  • Working plate height: 870 mm
  • Tunnel entrance dimensions: 480 x 340 mm
  • Tunnel length: 730 mm
  • Machine weight: 250 kg
  • Transverse sealing dimensions: 500 mm
  • Sealing-bar opening_ 240 mm
  • Maximum product thickness: 300 mm
  • Maximum roll width: 480 mm
  • Belt conveyor speed: Fixed
  • Motorized film-unwinding: Top roll
  • Compressed air pressure: 6 bar

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