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Generatore di Azoto

Generator designed to meet a wide range of applications, both industrial and agro-food The most common uses include: food packaging, bottling (in particular of wine and oil).

The generator must be connected to a nitrogen tank.






  • It is based on the PSA (Pressure Swing Absorption) principle, which is the most efficient and robust system, in addition to be fully automatic.

  • Composed of an air separator for nitrogen production

  • The only operation required is to set the output pressure, using the pressure and pressure gauge mounted on the front panel.

  • The basic model can provide 3.5 Nl/min of nitrogen at a pressure of 7 bar at a purity better than 99.5%, but specific calibrations at higher purees and pressures are available on request.

  • The generated nitrogen is stored in an external tank (normally 50 or 100 liters), which is connected directly to the generator with a polyethylene hose.

  • It is completely independent, thanks to its internal oil-free compressor.

  • It is equipped with a "smart" control system, capable of producing nitrogen only when necessary. The generator goes into standby automatically when there is no nitrogen consumption.

  • Technical Data :

    • Purity: 99% - food grade E941 (oxygen < 0.5%)
    • Nitrogen Pressure Output: up to 7 bar (100 psi)
    • Maximum Flow: 3.5 Nl/min
    • Power Supply: 230 Vac 10% 50hz
    • Electrical Consumption: 400 W
    • Protection Index: IP 20
    • Operating Temperature: between 5 ºC and 40 ºC
    • Dimensions Cm.: 25x44x95h. (Wall mounting)
    • Weight: 43 kg

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