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washing drying machine

The machine is complete with a single station, including a central starwheel with step-by-step motion which transfers the bottles to the different positions for the washing and the drying actions. In the first position, high-speed rotating brushes are performing the washing of the neck and bottom of the bottle.

Secondly, a top holding head is lowering down on the bottle, to keep it firmly positioned on the bottle-seat. In this position the bottle is rotating against a main brush, to achieve a good washing of its body. The water is sprayed by means of adjustable nozzles


Then the bottle is dried in 2 steps: first removal of water drops from the bottle neck by means of a compressed air blowing; complete drying of the body of the bottle by means of air-blowing pipes, placed next to the conveyor chain, feeding hot air on the entire bottle surface. The blown air is always about 24°C higher in temperature that the external ambient.


machine for the external washing of bottles machine for external washing and drying



  • The machine is built totally in stainless steel AISI 304, or in other material guaranteed for long-term resistance to water contact.

  • The machine is supplied complete with safety panels conforming to EEC regulation.

  • Powered with 3-phases electric motors (380 V. + N. - 50 Hz).

  • Upper brush for the bottle-neck washing with manual height adjusting.

  • Lower brush for the bottle-bottom.

  • Electric panel (IP65 rating) located inside the machine base-frame, including an inverter for the speed tuning.

  • Stainless steel conveyor frame (standard size w.100 x h.120mm) with plastic chain and motor drive with gear-box.

  • Adjustable feet with steel screw support and hard-plastic base. On demand mounted on wheels (Optional).

  • The machine output is adjustable electronically from 800 up to 1.200 bph actual speed, by means of a potentiometer located on the control panel.

  • Installed power: 5 Kw.

  • Water consumption : 35-50 Lt./h.


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