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Fruit Pulper and Destoner - D100

Designed and built to meet the needs of small manufacturers, as the cost of the only small machine on the market so far is too high to justify the investment. We have not only reduced costs but also improved operation, adopting solutions that until now were only applied to machines with higher productivity

Machine for the production of fruit purees, tomato puree and juice extraction. The machine separates the waste parts (peel, stones, seeds of berries or tomato etc.) obtaining a basic puree for the next concentration in jams or sauce.


Fruit Pulper D100 side view Inside screw through
screw through adjustment of sieve path inclination
product loading hopper with adjustable inclinatio Pierced basket
Shovels segnaposto durfo




A group of three shovels, fixed in contact with the motor, turning at 1400 rev/min, break up and spread quickly on he inox pierced basket the fruits or whatever is put through the loading tray, separating immediately the pulp from the rejects.
The shovels have shaped terminals in food-grade teflon, with adjustable distance from the inner wall of the sieve basket to adapt to various types of products.

Depending on the diameter of the basket holes, you can choose how and what to sieve. A few examples :

  • 0.5 mm. holes - for centrifugal juice extraction
  • 1 mm. holes - for removing the skin and seeds in tomato sauce or for removing residues in the liquid part of fish soups
  • 3 mm. holes - for pitting small stone fruits such as cherries, prickly pears, prunes
  • 4-5 mm. holes - for pitting apricots and to keep part of the peel

The loading hopper has a feed screw through which the products are directed towards the sieving chamber. This allows a constant quantity of product to be processed in the sieving chamber, avoiding overloading theshovels that smear the product on the inner wall of the sieve basket and would not have time to process the product, making it advance to the expulsion mouth.
This system optimizes the process by avoiding or reducing waste re-working.

By adjusting the inclination of the product path, you have further control over the time the product lies in the sieve chamber.

The expulsion mouth of the product drops the refined product in a container free from waste such as seeds, kernels, skins and other impurities.

Made of AISI 304 stainless steel and composed of:

  • 3 mm stainless steel structure with adjustable feet
  • product loading hopper with adjustable inclination to bring it to level in the sieving slope variations
  • feeding auger at the bottom of the hopper to ensure homogeneous feed of the product to the sieve basket
  • adjustment of sieve path inclination
  • upper access door to the shovels for adjusting the distance from the inner wall of the sieve basket
  • front cover for removing/replacing the sieve basket
  • lower sieve outlet
  • shaped bottom waste outlet
  • knocker axle mounted on roller bearings and bearing ends
  • n.3 shaped food-grade plastic beaters, quickly adjustable and replaceable
  • perforated sieve basket (with a choice of perforated)
  • control unit with motor and coupled gear motor
  • direct drive with screw and hammer shaft


  • Production: 80/100 kg/hour approx. of incoming product
  • Engine rpm 1.400rpm
  • Temperature range: 4°C - 90°C
  • No. 3 beaters with teflon terminals
  • width 900 mm
  • Length 500 mm
  • Height 800 mm
  • Weight 50 kg


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