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phmetro HD2305

An elegant and ergonomic gas-tight housing, on a practical soft rubber brings together the best of technology. The large clear display highlights all the necessary information concerning the measurement, the state of the electrode and the memory of the instrument, making easy to use.



Misurazione PH ph meter
Samples Checking Link to PC



Measure PH

Device calibration


All the functionals parameters of the connected electrode, during measurement or during the setting, are constantly monitored and inform the operator when an error occurs.

  • Simultaneous display of pH / mV and temperature
  • Selectable resolution: 01/0,01 pH;
  • Taratura automatica da 1 a 3 punti a scelta tra 2 famiglie di tamponi (USA e NIST)
  • Manual calibration on 2 points with buffers choosen by the operator;
  • Setting the parameters of stability (Low-Med-High) for a more accurate measure
  • Large display with indication of the buffers used for the calibration and stability of the measurement
  • Memory recall of THE last calibration with electrode state control electrode
  • Container, with sealing IP 57
  • Sturdy carrying case with all the accessories to be used as a portable laboratory
  • GLP
  • CAL TIMER: setting of the calibration frequency for a better quality of the measurement;
  • Manual and automatic data logger with memory / recall up to 500 measurements with date and time
  • USB port for downloading data and power via PC or AC adapter supplied as standard
  • PC-Link software to download data on PC supplied as standard

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