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Riempitrice Bag in Box

Semiautomatic packaging filling machine for Bag in Box can fill bag sizes starting from 2 to 20 liters.

It is designed to fill foodstuff or other kind of liquid and semi-dense products (eg. wine, oil up to a maximum viscosity of 300 cps).

Is possible to make hot-fill temperatures up to 45° with a pump 80 lt/min. Dosing is made with electronic flow meter.



Filling Valve adn Corking head nitrogen
surface adjustable inclined surface adjustable
Control panel Segnaposto



Bag in Box Filling Machine

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The machine is equipped with:

  • a control panel which manages the filling volume, the vacuum time, nitrogen time, to start the filler cleaning and also can be stored ormats customized according to your needs, finally giving a statistic of the work performed.

  • vacuum switch with which is possible to realize the control faulty bags;

  • an inclined surface adjustable with rollers (or smooth surface) to help the descent of the bag into the box;

  • stainless steel frame on pivoting wheels, two of them with brake;

  • surface adjustable in height for boxes placement;

  • a system for nitrogen injection;

Machine designed for CIP cleaning and sterilization with hot water. Realized with materials suitable for chemical cleaning;

You can use any kind of taps for standard bag-in-box, such as: Vitop, Press-Top and Flex-Top


You can place manually the Bag-in-Box in the fork; acting on the lever the cap is removed and the nozzle inserted into the bag.
Pressing the Start button takes place the vacuum into the bag and then the filling with the addition of nitrogen.

Acting once again on the lever the cap is inserted in the Bag-in-Box and the bag is removed manually to slide it into the box.

The machine has a surface adjustable with rollers (or smooth surface) to help the descent of the bag into the box, that is placed on an surface adjustable in height

Bottling Hour Capacity :

3 lt : 160/180 bb/hour
5 lt : 130/150 bb/hour
10 lt : 110/130 bb/hour
15 lt : 90/110 bb/hour
20 lt : 80/100 bb/hour

Filler technical details :

  • Pump power : 1,5 kW
  • Supply : 220V monofase 50Hz
  • Air pressure : 6 bar
  • Nitrogen pressure : 0,5 bar
  • Weight : 77kg
  • Dimensions : 0,60 x 0,90 x 1,50 metri


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