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Pallets Wrapper - Robopal

pallets wrepper robopal

unique of its kind, this robotic pallet wrapper equipped with innovative high-technology patented devices, such as a telescopic mast and an electric manoeuvring system, solves successfully any requirements of wrapping loads of any weight and area with stretch film and still more.

its working area is 100% smaller than most robots because used with restricted space and when not required it can be moved away and the free space used for another purpose.
a little great genius: little thanks to restricted working area, compact overall dimensions and reduced weight, maintenance free; great thanks to high quality standards, high functionality, high performances. incredible because of its price/quality ratio.



   fatures :  
the operation area of machine sizes
avvolgi pallets robopal

pallets wrapping machine video

- 7,9 mb. -

  • electric manoeuvring system that reduces the working area even more in comparison with most robots

  • telescopic mast that makes handling and transport easier inside the operating areas

  • 100% power pre-stretch system fitted as standard that allows to work also using film of not high quality

  • microprocessor logic board with 6 different pre-programmable memorized settings

  • maintenance free and sealed batteries that need no fill and can be recharged from standard 220 v power supply in any place

  • reduced overall dimensions and weight , approximately 50% less than most robots

  • easy shipping as no parts have to be assembled and it is ready to work.

  • rotation system around the pallet thanks to a touching wheeler

  • film tension, after power pre-stretch, adjustable by a potentiometer

  • load-height automatically detected by a photo-eye or predetermined on control panel

  • bottom/middle/top revolution predetermined on control panel

  • only up-cycle

  • drive system through push buttoms

  • sound and light working signal

  • the robot works with stretch film ( thickness19 w 40 ; width 500 mm)

machine made according to ce rules.

specifications robopal :

power supply 230 v - 1 ph - 6 a
power supply with 4 batteries 24 v cc
overall machine dimensions l x w x h 1066 x 738 x 1560 mm
machine weight 195 kg
traction system with dc motors 24 v cc
motorized film-carriage movement by chain 24 v cc
motorized pre-stretch system 24 v cc
up/down speed adjustable
maximum wrapping height (measured at the top) 2350 mm
minimum pallet dimensions less than 700 x 900 x 500 mm
maximum pallet dimensions no limit


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