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Automatic Tri-block Blowing, Filling Capping - DURFO-STR1200

Triblock for the automatic packaging of dense, semi-dense and liquid food products such as jams, purees, sauces, pesto, honey, mayonnaise, melted cheeses, fruit juice etc. Small footprint, ideal for small and medium realities.
Designed and built to minimize maintenance and downtime.
Easy to use, with a few simple adjustments you can manage different formats.



Blowing Machine Filler and Twist-off Capper Machine
Capsule Dispenser Electric panel


Automatic Tri-block Blowing, Filling Capping

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The first station provides for the overturning and blowing of empty containers to avoid the presence of bodies.
The second station is dedicated to volumetric filling (dosing) of the product.
The third station provides for the release of Twist Off capsules and the closure of the containers.

Tip-up Blowing Machine :
  • conveyor sector complete with side panels and polyene profiles with tape width to be agreed
  • tilting sector at 180° with container lock
  • pneumatically controlled container lock both in and out of the tipper
  • air blowing system positioned in the tipping area of the containers
  • pneumatically controlled air blowing mechanism consisting of manifold and nozzles
  • waste tray placed under the tipper

Volumetric Pneumatic Doser :

  • fully AISI 304 + AISI 316 stainless steel food-grade piston with Teflon seals, hot-sanitizable, adjustable from 20 a 680 cc from 50 to 1300 cc optional) with micrometer screw
  • pneumatically-operated 3-way double buffer valve,
  • anti-dripping pneumatic device

Capsule Dispenser :

  • Twist Off metal capsule feeder
  • mechanical orientator with blow ejector for return in hopper of capsules not oriented correctly
  • adjustable descent channel for different sizes
  • release head built and adjusted to a single capsule size
  • capsule control device in the channel.

Automatic Twist-off Capper :

  • with rotating descending head with pneumatic motor
  • closing pressure control (torsion)
  • universal head for a wide range of different capsules
  • suitable for jars between 70 and 150 mm high

General Features :

  • blowing is linear and other operations with star,
  • electric control panel
  • base made entirely of electrowelded stainless steel,
  • adjustable feet for levelling
  • safety guards with front and rear access doors with micro safety compliant with EC regulations,
  • equipped with chain in acetal (food-grade plastic) or stainless steel without towing but with return
  • Hourly production referred to honey at 40° in 500 gr pots: 1200 pcs. - indicative, variable depending on the type of product and the pot size


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