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Destoner Machine - DR500

The destoner is used for the processing of fresh fruit in pulps and mash tun, juices and nectars, jams and marmalades.

The destoner machine is designed to pit fresh fruits with detachable stone, such as apricots, peaches, plums to be subsequently reprocessed for the production of cream, jam, juice.
The roller destoners are available for production capacities from 300-500 kg / hour of incoming product.



Destoner Machine - DR500 place card Destoner Machine - DR500 segnaposto



The destoner consists of :
  • a feeding hopper in stainless steel

  • a stainless steel drum covered with special rubber against which the stone is forced during de-pulping

  • a stainless steel drum with special toothed discs which are spaced as to allow retention of the fruit pulp

  • a pusher with alternative upwards movement to press the fruits between the two drums rotating

  • a small cleaning roller for the rubber drum

  • a combined blade chute device with vertical and horizontal adjustment, placed below the two drums to separate the stones from the pulp

  • chute for discharge the stones, pulp and recovery of juice from the rubber drum

  • a speed reducer with gearing in oil, complete with necessary gears, chains, pulleys and belts

  • covers for the mechanical devices in movement

  • comb device for the removal of pulp from the toothed stainless steel discs.


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