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Semiautomatic Monobloc RTV700PE
  Semiautomatic bottling line with light pressure system for edible oil or still beverages (spirits, wines, water, fruit juices, syrups) including :

- Light pressure filler with 4 valves

- Capping head for screw caps

- Labelling machine for self-adhesive labels

Unibloc machine made in stainless steel, mounted on wheels.


uniblock fill cap label Screw Cap
Semiautomatic Labeller Square Bottle Labelling
Capping head with 4 rollers Capsuleuse Etiqueteuse



Mini Chaine

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Linear filler with 4 filling :

  • Linear filler with 4 filling valves for LIGHT PRESSURE filling of thick products as edible oil, fruit juices, syrups *

  • Simple adjustment of the filling levels inside the bottle by means of quick-insertion spacers

  • Pneumatic bottle seats lifting with auto height adjustment to fit different bottles.

  • The up / down timing of the bottle seats can be adjusted according to the volume of the bottle, by means of timers : this system allows to adjust the filling timing, once the bottles are filled up the bottle-seats are lowering down. The time can be reduced when filling small bottles, to increase the production output.

  • Product infeed with electric valve in stainless steel controlled by measuring probes.

  • Electrical control panel predisposed for controlling the pump for the product.

*The"light pressure" filling system is the state-of-the-art technology developed by DURFO engineering research office, for filling quality edible oils or syrups.

The upper tank, hermetic type, can be pressurized with a light pressure (0,5 bars), using compressed air or nitrogen. The difference in pressure between the product tank and the bottle helps to achieve an efficient filling result even with a thick product like olive oil.

This filling technology reduces the contact between the product and the air during the bottling process, with consequent several advantages compared to the traditional vacuum system :

  • protection of the product against contamination
  • protection of the product against oxygen pick-up
  • softer filling of the product

Finally, the traditional system with vacuum pump does not allow to fill PET bottles, which is possible with our machine.

Thanks to the above specifications, the 'LIGHT PRESSURE DURFO FILLER' is the ideal bottling equipment for the producers of top quality oils: during the bottling process, the product is handled with the highest care, in order to preserve its precious components achieved during all the production steps.

Capping turret :

  • equipped with pneumatic bottle seat lifting

  • easy height adjustment to fit different bottles

  • Threading head with 4-rolls, totally stainless steel made, with 'no cap / no thread' device .

Semi-automatic labeller for self-adhesive :

  • Application of self-adhesive front labels or front and back labels from the same reel on cylindrical containers with diam. min. 50 mm - max 115 mm.

  • Possibility of application of wrap-around labels

  • Automatic label start at the positioning of the bottle on the machine

  • User-friendly adjustment of front / back label spacing by potentiometer

  • Control of the working cycle by micro-processor ( PLC )

  • Machine frame made in AISI 304 stainless steel

  • Electric power single-phase 220V - 0.25 Kw consumption

  • Adjustment of labelling settings from keyboard with display.

  • Reel diameter: inside 75 mm, outside 220 mm.


  • Unit designed to handle bottles from 0,20 cl to 100cl.

  • Output : approx 500-700 bottles/hour (depending on the product specifications and bottle size)

  • Weight: Kg. 300

  • Heigth: 1600 mm.

  • Width: 2000 mm.

  • Depth: 600 mm


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